GNDEM, with 251 member organizations in 89 countries and territories, and regional network members in Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East/North Africa, has worked to facilitate and enhance the critical work of citizen election monitors throughout the world.

ADN Joint Statement on the Legitimacy of 2023 Cambodian General Election

The undersigned organizations express our profound concern over the upcoming election for the National Assembly in Cambodia, scheduled to occur tomorrow. We firmly believe that this election is poised to lack genuineness and meaningful electoral competitiveness, raising serious doubts about its adherence to democratic principles and international election standards. Continue Reading

Comunicado de GNDEM/RedOIE en Solidaridad con Observadores Ciudadanos en Guatemala

El 25 de junio, las y los guatemaltecos asistieron a las urnas a elegir un nuevo presidente, congreso y representantes a nivel local. Observadoras y observadores ciudadanos representando a varias organizaciones de la sociedad civil, incluyendo a la Misión de Observación Electoral - Guatemala (MOE-Gt), Mirador Electoral y la Plataforma de Mujeres Indígenas, monitorearon aspectos clave del proceso pre-electoral y de la jornada electoral. Continue Reading

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